New Puppy?

Let’s create a setup so your little teammate feels safe &

emotionally supported, navigating their new human world.

Dog behaviour struggles?

Let’s learn what your dog is communicating.

We’ll find a path forward that feels supportive for you both.

You and your dog are a team!

Training itself, plays a super small role.
Understanding your dog is where the magic lives!

What if you could…

✓  Skip hours of training and focus only on the bits that matter

✓  Instinctively know how to keep your dog and kids safe

✓  Understand behaviour through understanding dog communication

✓  Setup patterns to provide clarity for you and your dog

✓  Learn how to adjust to find flow & connection

Sounds amazing but how?

✓  Select an option below that best meets you where you are

✓  Register and we’ll schedule our first appointment together

✓  Receive a 40min game-changing video, which gets everything going!

✓  Focus on the stuff that matters and skip ‘technical’ training  

✓  Experience ‘ah-ha’ moments that support a clear path forward


Building wellness in connection with your dog.

As much more than pets, our companions need to be understood from the inside out. Our dog’s behaviour is information. It’s their language – how they communicate to convey how they’re feeling. Once we understand, we find empathy, compassion, we can connect and relate. Curiosity leads the way.


I’m Julie.

My teammate is Jack.


My education is always on-going! I’m grateful to be continually learning from many tremendous leaders in their fields. This provides constant inspiration!


Committed to providing dog (team) training in the form of fun, easy building blocks while problem solving challenges, so you can live your best life together.


I’m passionate about creating a better understanding of our dog’s behaviour, subsequently, less struggling and more harmony, in companion dog relationships.


“I have been finding your training sessions so useful. There must be some magic you use because I feel like Oli is already doing so much better after being only 3 weeks at home. Learning his behaviours and signals and how he expresses anxiety and stress as well as happiness and excitement have been so fundamentally helpful for Corey and me in knowing how and when to interact with him.”

Mega H.


“Hope had a great experience participating in the advanced boundaries class with Julie! She learned new games, increased her listening skills and is fine tuning “middle”. This is the first large breed dog we have ever owned and Julie helped us through the unknown with fun, relationship building games and amazing building blocks we can use everyday! Thank you so much Julie for teaching your classes in a fun, upbeat and energetic fashion. We will be playing at home with Hope and look forward to joining another advanced level class in the near future”

Leslie W.


“Julie’s enthusiasm and style of training made bringing both of our dogs to class a really enjoyable experience. The “games” style of training and focused “boundary” training helped develop skills that we are able to modify and build on for different situations. Julie is patient and great at trouble-shooting any learning obstacles we faced as well as coming up with alternative ways to learn the skills we are hoping to develop. We would recommend Julie’s classes and guidance to anyone looking for a different and comfortable learning environment for you and your four-legged family members!”

Christine C.


“Julie – just wanted to say how pleased we are with the results of the training sessions we took with you. The techniques you taught me have been key to our success thus far and I’m sure we’ll conquer them all. You were a superb communicator and as passionate ‘dog person’ as I’ve met. It was a delight to work with you.”

Jan F.


“Julie was extremely understanding and patient with a very rambunctious puppy and had invaluable advice to get through the first puppy year. Ongoing training sessions that we have with Julie continue to prove invaluable. These new game type of training leads to a fun and rewarding experience.”

Pat & Grant


“I thoroughly enjoy working with Julie. She is a wonderful teacher. Takes the time and goes the extra mile to make sure you understand and can follow through with the games.”

Lee G.


“Hi Julie, Your personal class was so informative today and helpful to all of us. I cannot believe the detail in these notes this is wonderfully helpful.”

Betty S.


It was a pleasure and relief to meet you. After you left we did a few of the games and he was much more improved. He hung out in his crate more and was calmer. I just have to say, saying “yes” for the behaviour I want feels so much better than yelling “no” or flailing around like a mad woman to avoid being bitten.

Peter & Wendy

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