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Teaching life skills through purposeful play. 


OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures

Serving Uxbridge, Coppins Corners and nearby areas. 


Education and hands on experience has been my focus since 2016. Working along side the best using methods developed by science. We offer a strong foundation of resources built on continuous professional development. As a Canine Behaviourist, my studies are always on-going to provide you the best in dog training and behaviour consultations, providing an exceptional learning experience with real life results.


Bringing you the highest in quality service. Focusing on your dogs individual needs for exercise, enrichment and/or to achieve your training goals. With encouragement, support, troubleshooting and solution finding we can and will accomplish your goals.

Professional Services

Providing absolute peace of mind. Professional services and personal care whether your dog is joining us on an off leash group adventure or I’m customizing training for you from puppy to adult. You’ll experience a service that is new, modern, educationally up to date and proudly contributing to re-defining what it means and looks like to work with a professional dog trainer from the foundation of their education being based on fact, not myth or opinion.

Fueled by Passion

I’ve always had dogs in my life but going into classroom and private training with my dog Jack taught me how essential it is to learn how dogs communicate, how they learn, creating a relationship built on kindness and an understanding of our dogs as a species. I literally ‘stubbled’ into my passion and I can’t thank my boy Jack enough for this tremendous gift!

education. understanding. friendship. teaching. choices. empowerment. confidence. play. observation. relationship. trust. kindness.


Dog Training | Group Classes and Private Lessons for dogs of all ages serving Uxbridge, Stouffville, Port Perry and surrounding areas. Using innovative games that teach in our group classes to build your bond, create focus, establish and strengthen concepts that are needed for skills like loose leash walking, impulse control and recall! Private lessons are ideal for dogs that are fearful and/or reactive in undesirable ways while on leash or have specific behaviours you’d like to work on. Dog Walking in Uxbridge | OFF LEASH Groups Walk Adventures available for Coppins Corners and Uxbridge residents.


“Julie – just wanted to say how pleased we are with the results of the training sessions we took with you. While we’ve not achieved all of our goals yet, the techniques you taught me have been key to our success thus far and I’m sure we’ll conquer them all. You were a superb communicator and as passionate ‘dog person’ asI’ve met. It was a delight to work with you.”

J. Field



“Julie was extremely understanding and patient with a very rambunctious puppy and had invaluable advice to get through the first puppy year. Ongoing training sessions that we have with Julie continue to prove invaluable. The fact that these new training methods utilize game type of training leads to a fun and rewarding experience.”

Pat and Grant



“Fabulous!  I knew she was in great care. The photos and video I saw reassured me that she had a great time. Thank you so much
for loving her!”  



“Julie is an extraordinary kind and caring person, if you want your “dog happy” I 100% recommend DOG-HAPPY!




“I thoroughly enjoy working with Julie. She is a wonderful teacher. Takes the time and goes the extra mile to make sure you understand and can follow through with the games.”

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