Enrichment Center

A Dog’s Play Park Paradise!

Designed for dogs… to be dogs… and ‘unleash’ all their doggy-ness.

What is DOG-HAPPY TEAMMATES Enrichment Center?

It’s a fully private a ‘dog park’ and SO MUCH MORE!

It’s for pups and dogs to freely explore and do all the doggy things they’d like to do and it’s for their humans to play alongside them or simply observe.  

We’re excited to be offering an array of private and group services from this location, along with our NEW signature service – Teammates Program – going beyond conventional approaches to training and enrichment. This is a super exciting program!

With creatively built features, providing a variety of sensory experiences, it’s a place to grow confidence, socialize with others, and process in their own special way.

When visiting, your dog can go ahead and get their full ‘doggy on’. No questions asked (except for appropriate manners with other dogs which we help guide if/when needed – when sharing the space – private bookings are available).  

Located on the edge of the forest off Norton Tract, just outside of Uxbridge Ontario, DOG-HAPPY TEAMMATES Enrichment Center is a large securely fenced space that blends with nature and we’re in the process of adding three new ‘super-duper’ (YES, they’re going to be THAT FUN) exciting features!

We have an indoor space that’s setup to provide problem solving games, enrichment activities, learning about turn taking and station training skills, rest and relaxation (for our amazing Teammates Program students) and endless customized enrichment setup options for our Solo Team Explorers service. We also have a second indoor space coming soon! 

DOG-HAPPY TEAMMATES Enrichment Center is home to so many incredible services, it’s one of a kind in Uxbridge and way to cool to be missed!

DOG-HAPPY TEAMMATES sign on front lawn

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