Group Classes Playing GAMES that TRAIN!

Well now that’s an interesting CONCEPT!
Exactly! Welcome to ‘Concept Training’ and prepare to enjoy every minute of it!

Working with Daytripper Dog Training to bring you the best in group classes! These GAMES that TRAIN have been developed using science and they make learning fun for both you and your dog!

This innovative approach is designed to address real life scenarios we all face out there with our dogs. We focus on playing games, which accelerates learning! This builds a positive relationship where your dog chooses YOU vs the many distractions, because you’re FUN to be with!

The energy in the classroom is inspirational!

  • Relationship building and strengthening
  • Focus on you vs distractions
  • Learn how to foster calmness
  • Customize the games for your needs
  • Gain a better understanding of how dogs learn
  • Games are easy to play anywhere!

Visit to get started! You’ll LOVE what you learn and so will your dog!

Demonstrating a game called ‘Funder’
With this game, your dog chooses to orient back to you and away from the environment around them. It’s also a foundational game to build a solid SUPER FUN recall that your dog will LOVE!

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