Group Classes


Delighted to offer small group classes welcoming dogs of all breeds and ages.

Mission: To provide a safe and low stress learning environment. To educate students about how dogs learn and inspire a different perspective. To teach you, how to teach your dog through kindness, understanding (the ‘why’), FUN and games. To share how essential it is to see the world from your dogs perspective, and to therefore become their teammate/guide to help them thrive in the world they find themselves in. 

If this sounds like a good fit, see more details below…

Group Lessons

In the comfort of a spacious and clean indoor community hall, you and your dog will have the opportunity to learn foundation skills from ‘the ground up’. With a solid foundation of practical basics, we can build more advanced skills, so we start with giving you and your dog a ‘target’ (think “home base”) for group classes, through boundary skills. These skills will transfer beautifully to your home and beyond!

We also begin right away with easy, subtle games to work on nurturing calmness, build impulse control, guide transitions, begin loose leash walking skills, create positive pairings, and so much more! Not only will these classes grow life skill development, they’ll add enrichment to your dogs life and to your relationship – we cultivate partnerships at DOG-HAPPY!

Once registered and paid (full payment is required to hold your spot), I send out a confirmation of having received your registration and payment, with detailed information on what you’ll need to prepare (and bring) to your group classes. In addition, I’ll send guidance on what to expect on arrival day and group class ‘do’s and don’t’s’ for the benefit of all participants.

Group classes are NOT a good starting point for dogs that are overly nervous/worried/fearful about other dogs or people, to which a group class can be stressful for both pup/dog and their person – along with all the other students and their pups/dogs. Drop me a line to discuss alternatives (if this is a concern), perhaps a private lesson to start, and work towards preparing you and your dog to confidently join in the group class environment.

Investment, Start Dates, Time and Location

(ALL classes are 45mins and once per week. Plan to arrive 15mins BEFORE your class start time make your way in and prepare your ‘workstation’)

Investment – $225 (tx incl) for five weekly lessons. Registration and payment in full is required to hold your spot and please note cancellation policy below.

Foundation games to develop life skills. All ages. Start date: Aug 24th (5 weeks), Time: 6:00pm – IN PROGRESS

Boundary games – team building, deepening your communication. All ages. Start date: Sept 20th (5 weeks), Time: 6:00pm – IN PROGRESS

Foundation games to develop life skills. All ages. Start date: Sept 20th (5 weeks), Time: 7:00pm – IN PROGRESS

Foundation games to develop life skills. All ages. Start date: Oct 25th (5 weeks), Time: 6:00pm – OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Building on from basics. All ages. Start date: Oct 25th (5 weeks), Time: 7:00pm 

Classes are ongoing and start dates will continue to be posted… 

Location: Goodwood Community Centre, 268 Durham Regional Hwy 47 in Goodwood

*Cancellation Policy* – No refund for cancellations up to two weeks before class start date. This is due to what it entails to organize and create group classes, and make payment in advance for the use of community hall space. Thank you for your understanding.

All lessons include additional links, podcasts, e-books/handouts and my personal demo videos for guidance and inspiration!

Cultivating Partnerships

Its important that you come to class open minded, ready to learn new skills and have fun with your dog. Games based training is new to many but its making its way into the ‘mainstream’ for good reason. Whether you’ve had dogs in your life before or not, come ready to have fun and explore something new with your dog.

The “Fine Print”

Cancellation Policy and Pricing

Class sizes are small and organizing group classes takes administrative time, creative time and payment for our indoor location must be made in advance. For those reasons, there are no refunds up to two weeks prior to your registered group class start date.

In the event of illness (you or your dog), a partial credit MAY be issued toward private lessons or another group class (this is considered on a case by case basis).

Thank you for your understanding.

All pricing includes tax. Current pricing set January 2023 and subject to change.