OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures

On fully fenced private forest acreage, this is an amazing opportunity! Whether your dog has great recall or not, they’ll be safe to run, explore and play.
You / your dog receives…
– an adventure that includes pick up and drop off
– a minimum of 45mins of off leash time
– a chance to socialize with familiar dogs (once established in a group | new clients are introduced to others one at a time) 
– small groups to maintain personal attention (space is limited)
– security in knowing all dogs interact nicely with each other (all dogs must be comfortable in a social environment)
– physical, mental and social enrichment
– available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
– water available on site
– a full wipe down once home 
– a desire for some serious nap time!

– pictures and videos posted on our Facebook page and Instagram so you can see your dogs smile 🐶

Click here for a video tour of our OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures!

Call, text or email if you have any questions and/or to arrange a no charge Meet and Greet!


$25 per outing (tx incl)


Wood chips for our trails and playground!


Freedom to explore and play safely!


Features for building confidence!