Private Lessons & Online Consulting




Private Lessons

In the comfort of your home, private lessons are not only for those just starting out or tackling a specific challenge, but also for those looking to add more enrichment to their relationship. They’re also perfect for dogs that are nervous/worried/fearful about other dogs or people to which a group class can be stressful for both pup/dog and human. We can also head outside and walk together for the opportunity to move the games you’ve learned into real life scenarios.


(my recommendation is one lesson per week)

$80 (tx incl) per one hour lesson

Note all lessons are customized for you, your dog and your life AND lesson options include additional links, podcasts, e-books/handouts and my personal demo videos for guidance and inspiration!

*** Additional travel time/fuel costs may apply if you live outside main service area. Please inquire ***

Online Consultations

No relationship is lost!

When challenges present, we can move towards better days! Empowering you first with education that will serve in truly understanding what’s happening with your dog. Developing an understanding from our dogs perspective, is key to a harmonious relationship. Once we learn the ‘why’, we can find compassion and grow from there. 

Working through the context of why specific behaviours may be happening, I share solutions and suggestions, along with describing and providing examples of how games based lessons can allow for a process that is fun and practical.

Knowledge is the key to powering up your action with these challenges; providing you confidence in turning current struggles into strengths!  ________________________________________________________________________________________


$40 (tx incl) – 30 mins (on Zoom)

You’ll take away a clearer picture of the root causes of your dogs struggle(s) and the option to move into private lessons to create an actionable plan to move ahead.

How Private Lessons & Online Consults Work

Private Lessons (In Your Home)

Games based teaching simply put… super cool for so many reasons AND Private Lessons have the amazing perk of my full focus on YOU, YOUR DOG and YOUR STRUGGLES, YOUR GOALS!

Not only is it fun and stress free for human and dog to learn at home, you’re truly teaching your pup/dog life skills through games and learning the ‘why’ along the way; you’re providing enrichment, building your relationship, developing confidence, optimism and growing your toolbox of skills and stratgies to turn any struggle into stength in teamwork ❤️
ALL by having fun with your dog and becoming the best guide you can be for them!

We begin with foundation games and build on them. Think games = puzzle pieces… once you have them all, the whole picture comes together… as do the life skills!


Online Consulting

A great option if you would like to discuss what challenges you have and how I would recommend tackling them.

I begin with gaining a better understanding around the context in which the challenges you’d like to work on take place. I’ll provide some insights into why those behaviours may be occurring and I’ll share examples and describe what games would be useful to teach concepts that would begin to address the challenges that you’re having and/or changes in your day to day life that can allow your dog to express his/her inner nature to help allivate struggles. 

From there, if you’d like, we can to dive into scheduling private lessons or group classes.

Cancellation Policy and Pricing

Due to scheduling, cancellation needs to be made 48hrs ahead of lesson time for a refund (of course exception is made in the case of an emergency).

In the event of illness (you or your dog), an alternative date/time can be scheduled.

Thank you for your understanding.

All pricing includes tax. Current pricing set January 2023 and subject to change.