Private Training

What I love about Private Training is the ability to customize our time together, for your needs!
  • get training started early to teach desirable behaviours / prevent unwanted behaviours from beginning
  • for puppies, understand what ‘socialization’ REALLY means (mis-understood and the root of many undesirable behaviours)
  • why we advise avoiding on-leash greetings (often at the root of ‘leash reactivity’ – prevention goes a long way)
  • prepare your home for new puppy by learning and implementing management strategies
  • gain an understanding of what you can do on walks to create good habits for your dog and prevent issues from developing
  • learn play styles and how to choose great playmates
  • get educated on dog body language as it is key to their species communication with each other and us!
  • discover how dogs learn and how play accelerates that learning
Playing games that teach your dog life skills…

An innovative approach to training, developed in science, accelerates learning and achieves results that you can use in real world experiences!

Welcome to Concept Training! You’ll be amazed at what you learn!

  • learn how to gain your dogs focus anytime, anywhere!
  • grow your relationship and strengthen your bond
  • foster calm by creating a toolbox of calming options
  • experience what its like to have your dog choose YOU vs the many distractions out there!
  • discover how easy the games are to play and incorporate into each day
  • feel your confidence rise as you learn to manage individual challenges that you no longer avoid but now see as training opportunities!
  • have FUN playing by building a ‘repertoire’ of games and spark your creativity!
  • gain the skills needed to teach your dog what to do vs what not to do  


Private Training Investment Options:


$80/hr – Single Lesson, one hour (‘pay as you go’)

$75/hr – Three Lesson Commitment, each lesson one hour ($225, payment in full)

$70/hr – Six Lesson Commitment, each lesson one hour ($420, payment in full)

 Note all lessons are customized for you, your dog and your life AND all lesson options include my personal demo videos for guidance. 

From teaching basic behaviours like sit, down and stand to teaching life skills like crate training, desentization for equipment, bath time, grooming, vet visits, muzzle training, addressing ‘leash reactivity’, noise sensitivity, adding enrichment / confidence activities to your dogs life, boundary training… for puppies to adults… there’s no end to what we can teach!

All lessons start in the home. Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, we’ll take to the great outdoors to work in real world scenarios together!
Your success is not only my goal, its my passion!

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