Private Training

What I love about Private Training is the ability to customize our time together, for your needs!


Especially Important for Puppy, Good Info for All Ages!

  • a valuable way to get training started early and on the right paw!
  • understand what ‘socialization’ REALLY means (mis-understood for years and the root of many undesirable behaviours)
  • why we strongly advise avoiding on-leash greetings (most often at the root of ‘leash reactivity’ – prevention goes a long way!)
  • prepare your home by learning and implementing management strategies
  • gain an understanding of what you can do on walks to create good habits for your dog and prevent issues from developing!
  • learn play styles and how to choose great playmates!
Playing GAMES that TRAIN!
An innovative approach to training, developed in science, accelerates learning and achieves results that you can use in real world experiences!

Welcome to Concept Training! You’ll be amazed at what you learn!

  • learn how to gain your dogs focus anytime, anywhere!
  • grow your relationship and strengthen your bond
  • foster calm by creating a toolbox of calming options
  • experience what its like to have your dog choose YOU vs the many distractions in out there!
  • discover how easy the games are to play and incorporate into each day
  • feel your confidence rise as you learn to manage individual challenges
  • have FUN playing by building a ‘repertoire’ of games and spark your creativity!
  • gain the skills needed to teach your dog what to do vs not to do
  • understand how dogs communicate by observing their body language
  • discover how dogs learn and change frustration into curiosity!
  • learn that dogs don’t have “behavioural issues”, they have behaviours that tell us what they need help with!


Private Training Investment Options

Note that ALL lessons are customized for you, your dog and your life!


*NEW* Parallel Lessons! – $365 (Three Private 1 Hour Lessons & Three Semi Private 1 Hours Lessons) – What are Parallel Lessons? Simply put it’s a series of six lessons – three private and three semi private. This is a perfect option if your dog has a friend that he/she loves to play with! Here’s why! We start off with three private lessons. You and your dog learn the many games we play to develop the concepts/skills it requires for your dog to remain focused on you while their friend (or any other distraction) is present. We do the same with the “partner” client/dog team. Then the last three lessons are semi private working in tandem/parallel to each other, at a distance both dogs can work under threshold and providing you with scenarios you can take with you anywhere!

*NEW* Life Skills Bigtime! – $80 (1 Hour Lesson) – Crate training so your dog LOVES the crate! Muzzle training! Trips to the vet training including the drive there (I go with you!), the parking lot, walking in and the waiting room! Bath time made easy! Desensitization and creating positive associations with nail trimming, physical contact, collar grabs, various surfaces under foot, the list is endless! Why all this? Why the crate when they’ve got free roam of the home? Why muzzle training? We never know what’s down the road, that’s why! These are life skills! What if your dog is injured and needs to spend time in a crate – if they’re happy in a crate then they’ll be no additional stress! What if your vet feels it’s necessary to muzzle your dog for a specific treatment? No problem with this valuable life skill being taught as a game and confidence booster! Just like children will face a whole world of unknowns and we aim to prepare them as best we can… we can do the same for our dogs! And best of all… we play games to do it… we build your relationship and your dogs confidence… it’s WIN WIN!

Playing Games to Teach for Real Life – $230 (Three 1 Hour Lessons) OR $440 (Six 1 Hour Lessons) – For the best value, I encourage a commitment of six lessons (once per week). This allows for troubleshooting your mechanics along the way and it’s the best choice for the opportunity to build the games and see awesome results!

Getting Started with Your New Puppy! OR Single Lesson Any Age – $80 (1 Hour Lesson) – Get started by learning how to be proactive! Preventing undesirable behaviours, using management, will save you from having to reverse those behaviours down the road! I’ll show you ways to set up your home to support good management strategies. Learn what to do and what NOT to do in the home and out on walks. And we’ll get you started on some simple games to play that teach awesome skills! You’ll thank yourself for the investment in this education! I recommend starting with this lesson, then going straight into the six week option, Playing Games to Teach for Real Life!

Is Your Dog Lunging/Barking, Timid/Shy/Nervous – $120 (1.5 Hour Lesson) – This lesson is a “game changer” for how to manage walks so both you and your dog can enjoy going out together! We’ll start in the home, then work in the outdoors, where you experience the challenges you face. You will learn what’s truly happening with your dog – that they aren’t “giving you a hard time” and that their actually having a hard time. You’ll learn what their telling us and how to help them! You’ll become a solid confident team, be able prevent issues from continuing to disrupt your walks and develop management skills for those unexpected moments! You’ll gain confidence and so will your dog! (I offer two 45 minute follow up sessions at $65 per session when choosing this path – your success will largely depend on having accurate observation and timing – so follow up sessions are important to make sure you’ve got what you need and do any troubleshooting).

Do you have questions? The Science, How’s and Why’s Q & A – $60 (1 Hour) – Ok so you’ve had a dog before, perhaps many. The truth is, there’s a lot of fiction ‘out there’ that is NOT rooted in science – which intern causes damage to your dog, your relationship with them and your vision of enjoyment when choosing to parent a dog. This misinformation includes myths, debunked theories and what ‘someone told us one time’. Dog training is a skill and it’s essential to work with a trainer who is positive, current in their education (which is based fully in science!), hands on experience and is committed to excellence in their profession! Being open minded is key to this session. The good news is science has evolved and provides a platform to understand animal behaviour, working with our canine friends and not against them! There is also growing number of excellent trainers which is helping to turn the page away from the use of force, fear and pain! Give yourself and your dog the best chance to enjoy a relationship like never before! Understand how they learn, how they communicate and what they’re telling us. After all, we’re inviting a different species to live with us so lets build your relationship with kindness and an understanding of your individual dog. Embrace the opportunity to learn and you’ll be amazed!

All lessons start in the home. Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, we’ll take to the great outdoors to work in real world scenarios together!
Your success is not only my goal, its my passion!

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