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A service as unique as your pup.

Supporting you and your pup’s puppyhood!

What is PuppySTEPS Play School?

PuppySTEPS (Support To Explore & Process Securely) Play School is supplement service for clients that would like additional support throughout puppyhood.

This is not a daycare service.

This is a carefully crafted outdoor (and indoor) enrichment center that focuses on supporting experiential learning, through play and exploration, while providing security for each pup to process their experiences in their own way and time.

There’s an educational component (as a prerequisite) for the human half of the team, to gain a clearer understanding of WHY ‘beneath the surface’ of their pups’ behaviour, to support their pups’ natural needs and ultimately, live their best life together! 

The center itself is a large securely fenced space, nestled on the edge of the forest. It features creatively designed elements to explore and is fully managed & 100% supervised by me, Julie. 

Pups need to explore ‘bite-y’ play, wrestling, chasing, etc – continuing to grow healthy communication that all began with their mom and littermates. Their visits include learning ‘puppy-sized’ skills, taking turns/learning in a group, recall practice, name recognition, along with opportunities to chew, tug, sniff, shred, dig, run, climb over, crawl under, go through, around and settle too!

There’s a splash pool for developing water confidence & cooling down on hot days, shade, and indoor shelter with all the comforts of a puppy proofed home away from home.

Every moment of your pups visit, is mindfully designed to support your puppy’s precious early development period, while sharing time learning through exploration, among puppy playmates! While I offer this for the many essential benefits of supporting positive early development experiences, YOU get to enjoy the benefits of a puppy-free window!


PuppySTEPS begins with the ‘On Board-Same Page’ Pack!

WHY? Education is the foundation from which we build all things – including our relationship with our pup! This ‘pack’ allows me to learn more about you, your pup, your family. You get to learn more about how to set up for success at home, why your pup does the things they do and how to best support each familiy member, including your pup, throughout puppyhood and beyond!

Bringing home a tired pup is wonderful, but when they awaken, they need supports in place to ‘be-a-puppy’ while growing an understanding to where they “fit” within their new family picture. The ‘On Board-Same Page’ Pack will provide this essential foundation.

The ‘On Board-Same Page’ Pack Includes…

30 minute initial consultation online (we’ll meet and I’ll learn more about how I can best support you)
→ 40 minute game-changing video! (with accompanying guidebook)
→ One hour in-person consultation (scheduled for after you’ve watched your video)

This combo is pure magic! Which is why it’s a MUST for all services!

Investment: $210 (tx incl)


PuppySTEPS: Important Details

→ Space is limited to an intake of ONLY four puppies per group

→ Age range: 10 weeks to 4/6 months what about puppy shots?

→ Size: 12 to 40lbs (pups grouped by size/age)

→ Drop off and pick up is required – drop off 9am – pick up 12pm

→ Offered two mornings per week – Monday and Wednesday (Note: in the pictures here you will see bigger pups currently attending on Wednesdays. They will be ‘graduating’ soon and both days will become for young pups only – 10wks to 4/6months)

Investment – $50 per visit (tx incl)


How do I get started?


→ Register for PuppySTEPS

→ Receive ‘Puppy Care Agreement’
Health requirements are top priority so this agreement will need to be read and signed and is addition to Registration Waiver

→ Completion of complementary 15-20min visit, for your pup to check things out solo and meet my teammate Jack

 Your pup is placed in the appropriate weekly group for age and size

→ Receive a list of items to bring at drop off for your pup to enjoy during break time, along with important drop off instructions

→ Enjoy your puppy-free window and welcome home a physically & mentality enriched pup!

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