Teammates Program

A Unique Blend of Enrichment Center School & Private Lessons

Are you looking for dog training and safe dog-dog social time, that will all translate to real life

skills and a solid relationship with your dog?

Look no further than our Teammates Program! A unique mix of Enrichment Center School and Private Lessons.


What are the benefits of our Teammates Program?

This blend is designed to help meet your dog’s physical, mental, emotional, social and instrinsic needs, alongside life skills training.

The benefits to this approach to learning and enrichment are many. The skills your dog is learning at Enrichment Center school, will seemlessly integrate to your home and day-to-day life through the Private Lessons part of this program. In addition, our Enrichment Center has been intentially built to offer unique and varied enrichment activities, while your dog is immursed in a social group setting. Add to that, the incredible opportunity for your dog to experience consistant professional training while among fellow students. Taking turns and learning through observation are all part of the many benefits to this program.

We build on the skills we’re developing week to week. As students are ready for more challenge, we grow more advanced skills and I’m able to facilitate each individual advancing at their own pace.

two dogs learning station and cone at DOG-HAPPY TEAMMATES Program

What is Enrichment Center School?

Enrichment Center School is all about growing skills through play, patterns, training and observational learning. Your dog has choice to explore freely, while also experiencing structured learning while in a group. We also practice calm rest times.

This approach supports the growth of confidence and emotional self-regulation that further supports their ability to navigate the various experiences that they come across throughout their life. It’s a safe, natural setting that optimizes learning through context cues. This translates beautifully to all areas of your dog’s life, including their home and your relationship together.

Enrichment Center School is 3-hours, 9am to noon, once per week. Drop off and pick up is required.

two dogs learning front paw targeting at DOG-HAPPY TEAMMATES Program

How do the Private Lessons part of the program work?

Everything your dog is learning at Enrichment Center School is ready to be translated to their home and day-to-day life.

In addition, we’ll work together to create a plan implementing solutions to address any challenges you re having at home or while out & about.

Collaboration is key as we need to find ways to meet everyone’s needs that feels solid and achievable day-to-day. Our goal is relationship harmony – teammates!

Private Lessons are one-hour, at your home, yard and/or out & about, once per week.

puppy station training at home
young dog learning loose leash walking at private lesson

How Does the Teammates Program Work?


Step One

Virtual Consultation, Online Course Material & Enrichment Center School Visit

The first step in our Teammates Program is to schedule your 90-minute online consultation.

Using what’s called the L.E.G.S. model of assessing behaviour (What is LEGS?), we work through where things are at presently. This allows me to gain a clear picture of both you, your dog, your family, etc. As a Family Dog Mediator, I work with this model to provide a foundaiton and starting point that will enable us to collaborate while working together throughout this program.

At this stage, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our online course material. It’s an under one-hour investment of your time and attention and we’ll be referencing its contents as we work together.

Your online consultation and educational material will give you the knowledge and understanding you’ll need to pursue next steps to enroll in our full Teammates Program.

Investment: $210 (tx incl)


After your online consultation and viewing of your online course material, we’ll schedule your first 90-minute In-Home Private Lesson. Being in your home will provide me with more insights into day-to-day life with your dog. We’ll talk about your ‘take-a-ways’ thus far, from the online course material and create a plan together to begin smoothing out any struggles.

Next, you & your dog will come for a 30-minute Enrichment Center School visit.

Investment: $180 (tx incl)
Total Investment: $390 (tx incl)

This step must be completed before moving onto step two/the full Teammates Program.

Step Two

Skill Development & Integration at Home – Full Teammates Program

This stage of our Teammates Program, is where we begin building skills that we’ll then be transferring to your home and teammates lifestyle with your dog. Your dog will be gaining the skills and experiences they need to truly thrive and you’ll be learning how to understand and communicate with your dog as you grow your observation, understanding, awareness, skills and strategies. This is where the magic in relationship harmony lives!

For You:

Learn what your dog is learning at Enrichment Center School and how to integrate their skills at home in day-to-day life. We plan how to meet your dogs physcial and enrichment needs on the non-Private Lesson and Enrichment Center School days. You’ll also learn how to develop ‘social currency’ with your dog – which moves your relationship into a solid bond built on trust vs transactional.

For Your Dog:

At Enrichment Center School our program focuses on developing your dog’s self-regulation skills. This means learning to wait patiently at gates and doorways, learning to take turns while remaining on a station, respond to their name while working in a group, etc. They’ll learn how (and practice) relaxing during specific rest times. They will also learn how to read other dogs’ body language signals throughout social interactions. They’ll be learning problem solving skills and exploring a variety of enrichment games.

This part of the Teammates Program Includes :

  • 4 x one hour Private Lessons (up to 2 in-home)
  • 4 x 3 hr Sessions of Enrichment Center School (drop off and pick up required)
Investment: $650/month (tx incl)

Option to add on second month to further advance skills.

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